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A Gun For George VHS – Sold Out!


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– Limited to 50 copies

– Custom Made VHS Book Box
– Mini Australian Daybill
– FINCHLAND #19 fanzine

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Terry Finch – a man alone. Forgotten author of The Reprisalizer, Britain’s toughest pulp paperback vigilante, Finch pens tall tales of brute force and rough justice from his isolated caravan, treading a thin line between reality and fantasy in an attempt to exorcise painful memories of his brother’s death. When his ailing writing career grinds to a final halt, Terry’s compulsive and cathartic visions of violent retribution refuse to die with it, and a dark new chapter in the story of The Reprisalizer unfolds – where actions speak louder than words…

Written and directed by Matthew Holness, A Gun For George shoots from the hip, presenting viewers with a loving ode to Euro-Crime sagas of the 1970s. Gritty, violent and bathed in style, this paperback writer always gets his man.

Additional Information

Weight .500 kg
Running Time

17 mins



Directed By

Matthew Holness

Written By

Matthew Holness

Produced By

Ally Gipps & Peter Carlton


Matthew Holness, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Joseph Bailey


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